Tuesday, 16 March 2010

For assignment 4 the task was to choose a question or theme and conduct semi-structured interviews and then analyse my findings in relation to each other. The question I decided to investigate was "How do people accumulate 'stuff'?"
To begin with my first stages were to brainstorm issues around this question to enable myself to come up with a decent amount of directly related questions which would allow the interview to flow and which weren't closed questions. The photo to the right shows my mind map which was my chosen method for this initial research stage.

The questions I came up with and ended up using in my interviews were as follows:
1. What is your definition of "stuff"?
2. What would you say qualifies an object as "stuff"?
3. Would you consider yourself as someone who hoards stuff and why/why not?
4. What objects would you consider the top things people collect?
5. Why do you think people feel the need to collect things?
6. Do you think there is ever an end point to accumulating stuff?
7. Is this quality derived from a certain personality?
8 Does your profession assist in the habit of collecting stuff?
9. Does it require you to be consistently on the look out for things to use in our field of work?
10. Do you think you can inherit the "habit" of collecting?
11. Do any family members accumulate stuff/collect stuff?
12. Would you say it is a deliberate or conscious act?

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