Saturday, 25 September 2010

The next stage was to brainstorm around the title I chose which was entitled 'Population Overshoot and Design.' I felt by using the mind map technique I would gain the most benefit as I could clearly see the connections associated between topics and therefore expand my thinking to its full potential. I feel that by completing this mind map it has sparked many interesting topics which connect to how population overshoot and design are linked. It has challenged my thinking as a designer and as a result I am now fired up to go and research fully these issues within our worldwide society.


So third year has begun and so a new semester of design studies is underway. This year the format is different as we are working in groups of eight made up of student designers from various disciplines such as textiles, jewellery, graphics, product design and IED. I think this will work well as we all are acquiring different ways of thinking and so in turn can bounce various ideas of each other and learn from each other.
Assignment one consists of each person taking a topic to research from a list we were given. To give you a flavour of these, the topics my group is researching are; branding, consumer culture, corporate identity, education, mass production, green wash, population overshoot and how these all relate to design . The aim of this research is to create a report which will eventually turn into a wikipedia entry.