Friday, 4 December 2009

As the semester draws to a close I have been reflecting how how it has been in relation to design studies. I have really enjoyed the lectures especially the diverse range. As for the follow up seminars I feel that these were useful for hearing each others thoughts and ideas. In saying this however; I must admit I do still feel slightly uncomfortable talking about my thoughts and ideas in front of a large group. I have always had this issue and I thought that the seminars would really benefit me to bring up my confidence but I still find it difficult. I realize that with a career in design I will have to get used to talking in front of numerous people to pitch ideas etc so I appreciate the experience and why it is important to have these seminars. I am hoping that next semester will be a good experience concerning this. One final thing I feel would be helpful with regards to the assignments we are set, I feel that more direct feedback would be helpful to know how we are getting on.  

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