Tuesday, 17 November 2009

For assignment 3 we were given the task of finding resources which are linked to the idea which evloved in assignment 2. For myself this idea was based on social behaviour. After finding resources the task is to post them on this blog using the harvard method and then write a short summary on how they relate and their relevance.

Booth and Hasking, C and P, (4/5/2009), Social anxiety and alcohol consumption: The role of alcohol expectancies and reward sensitivity, Austrailia, Elsevier Ltd.

I decided I wanted to take my research into the field of alcohol within the social context. This journal focuses on alcohol consumption and abuse. It talks about these subjects in relation to social anxiety and how individuals place themselves in situations to observe the effects of alcohol for the purposes of research in this area which is greatly needed. A survey and questionnaire was carried out and recorded in this journal on 454 young adults accessing this problem.

Copello, Orford, Hodgson and Tober, A, J, R and G, (2009), "Social behaviour and network therapy for alcohol problems" , Routledge

This book I found in the library in some ways could play a key role concerning my design idea. It is meant to be a manual for clinicians. It explores previous research into alcohol addiction and how social interaction intervenes as well as several treatments. I have included this as part of my research as I feel that a lot of crime and alteration of normal social behaviour is fuelled by alcohol or drug consumption so if we can gain a better understanding on this topic I feel that my designs would be much more diverse and may meet the needs of society much more successfully.

Goman, C K, (11/2009), "The secrets and science of body language at work", Reliable Plant Magazine, Troy Media.

I found this article while doing my research online. I found it really interesting and quite relevant to my research. It is about the language of the body and how to read it. For example by studying the feet you can tell a lot about self confidence. Apparently if you stand with your feet very close together you are timid or hesitant whereas if you have a stance which is more firm and further apart you are more confident. This could be a very interesting topic to study into further as I feel that if security guards studied this in great depth then the social behaviour of people may be more easily read and therefore could possibly combat crime sooner.

Jackson, M P, (1985), "Youth Unemployment", Routledge Kegan & Paul 

The next part of my research I began to think about how crime is associated with social behaviour. I decided to look into unemployment rates and how closely these were related to crime and in particular concerning youths. It investigates how unemployment especially among young people relates to a spin in social activities due to no longer having financial income.

Pease, A and B,(2007), "The definitive book of body language", Manjul Publishing House Pvt Ltd 

Taking the idea of reading into body language a bit further I decided to look for books about it. This book looks into the insights of human nature and body language. It teaches you how to read into peoples body language in more detail which I feel would be highly useful in relation to my design ideas.

Philippot, Feldman and Coats, P, R and E, (1999) “The Social Context of Nonverbal Behaviour”, Cambridge, The Press syndicate of the University of Cambridge.

I have chosen this book as I feel that researching deeper into the actual psychology of our behaviour would be really interesting. This book aims to give the reader an understanding on the subject of nonverbal behaviour in a theoretical manner. It is edited by three professors but throughout the book has numerous contributors who are all highly respected from all over the world. A lot of the information is science based and is written based in conjunction with a variety of theories and studies. I feel this would be a really interesting read and something which would be highly useful as once we can begin to grasp an understanding on the psychological reasons we are half way there as body language and our actions are linked directly to our thoughts and minds.

"Alcohol and Anti-Social Behaviour" Youtube Url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DydZpdiJ1QQ

This video on youtube is a documentary on alcohol how it influences anti-social behaviour. It 
interviews a wide variety of people with different views and opinions concerning the effects 
of alcohol consumption. The general feel was that alcohol brings out aggression and can be
the spark which begins fights and criminal activities. They also interview a teenage girl who 
was the victim of an attack influenced by alcohol fueled anti-social behaviour.

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