Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Design Studies 2c

The third part of our task was to create a poster on a more narrowed down subject taken from the previous discussions. I found this part probably the most difficult out of all three as I think I chose a subject which I thought would give me more potential than it did. I began by thinking about fighting crime and how the police and security officers are a key role to play in this area in society today. Here is my poster:
Having investigated this area in greater detail now and having discussed it with fellow colleagues I feel that social behavior is an extremely complex area which could every well have a huge gap for design to intervene with. Social behaviour in our society today is so diverse and is something which is completely different worldwide that it could be difficult to come up with a clean cut solution but a design to help combat even a part of social behaviour related crime I feel could in the future be achieved. 
Some of my ideas do seem very futuristic and far fetched but with the way technology is moving forward I wouldn't be surprised if in the next century they became a reality.

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